The Seven Dwarfs of Early Retirement

the seven dwarfs of early retirementSnow White had a lot to put up with (besides the Witch and the Prince) in this German folk story chronicled by the Brothers Grimm and brought to most of us by a Disney film from 1937 (80 years!)

(In order of appearance:)


















We are each of the seven dwarfs at some point of our journey; laugh a little.

Which one are you now?



The Millionaire next door (book review)

I finally finished reading “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. Early this summer at a garage sale in my neighborhood I got a copy ¬†of the first original edition from 1996:

And I say “finally finished” because it was hard to go through it, I was a bit disappointed but I still got a few good things out of it (details towards the end). Continue reading “The Millionaire next door (book review)”