Lost, kind of

Everyone should blog. It’s what I’ve been reading. Probably not true but, whatever.

I wish I knew what this blog will be about. I have an idea, but I am not sure what… Few ideas actually, not sure which ones will end up here. Not even sure whether this will be a personal or business blog (or page); probably a mix.

Likely the things I am getting into lately will be here: money (financial independence, retirement, investing), travel (if or when I get to do more of it), analytics and optimization (mathematical programming and such), the gig economy and freelancing and that kind of thing, fantasy sports (or a somewhat technical/numerical approach to fantasy), living in between two countries and two languages and the unique perspective this gives you, books related and not related to all of the above, movies. Anything I learn worth sharing.

Sounds too eclectic, scattered, all over the place. It will be. (Thus the name)

Happy New Year!

PS Should everyone blog?

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