The Simple Path to Wealth (book review)

“The Simple Path to Wealth” is the book by Jim Collins, that compiles and re-organizes everything in his Stock Series posts from the blog he started few years ago to teach his daughter about finances.

The Simple Path to WealthI read his blog from beginning to end once and then just his Stock Series a second time. And then when I read the book I didn’t get much new (it was my third time reading the material after all) but the book is better organized (obviously) and is a bit more succinct (Collins tends to be a bit verbose in his blog), so if you read a few of his posts and they “click” then you may want to try and read the book. Also, having the book makes it easier to share with friends that could benefit from the knowledge (kind of part of my idea when I bought it).

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The Millionaire next door (book review)

I finally finished reading “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. Early this summer at a garage sale in my neighborhood I got a copy  of the first original edition from 1996:

And I say “finally finished” because it was hard to go through it, I was a bit disappointed but I still got a few good things out of it (details towards the end). Continue reading “The Millionaire next door (book review)”

A neural network approach to college football rankings

The usual image of an artificial neural network:

What follows is a paper that I wrote in the Spring of 2001 for an “Introduction to Neural Networks” class that I took as part of my Masters degree. It is mostly a review of someone else’s paper on the subject, except that I wrote the network in Excel and ran it on that year’s football season games. Fun, fun. Continue reading “A neural network approach to college football rankings”

Your money or your life (book review)

Just finished reading “Your Money or Your Life” (1992), by Joe Dominguez and Vicky Robin:

I first heard of the book last year from the Mr Money Mustache site and then from many other sources in the financial independence movement. It turns out 2017 is the 25th! anniversary of the book, and the authors had been organizing seminaries and workshops for years before the book, so this “thing” has been going on for a long time.

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